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'You don't need extremes to lead a healthy lifestyle' Trying to walk through life with some common sense, wine and a lot of laughs. You are not alone on this journey. Sign up and join me, we'll walk through it together.

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  • When a ‘Troll’ can set you Free

    October 31, 2019 by

    Because of the unflattering picture on the left, I’m apparently ‘Fat’ according to a Troll I know I actually laughed when I heard that feedback, because if you knew the Troll in question, you too would get a laugh But that’s not the point. The point is that this unflattering photo actually set me FREE… Read more

  • Can’t change habits?

    October 14, 2019 by

    ‘I don’t want to try it, I will never eat avocados‘, I protest loudly as 6 year old to my mum Do you remember when you were a kid and you swore you would never eat XYZ food. Yep, I had a decent list, no avocados, mushrooms, fish plus a whole more. Your parents would… Read more

  • Procrastination – need I say more

    July 15, 2019 by

    Why is that there are some things in your life that you find so easy to do, it’s just effortless, you don’t even have to think about it, you just do it. On the flip side, there are certain things or times in your life when all you do is procrastinate, you would rather be… Read more

  • Enablers and Nay Sayers

    July 10, 2019 by

    Do you know one? Have you ever wanted to try something new or different only to have someone you care about tell you that you are wasting your time or you shouldn’t even bother? Alternatively, they tell you they support you but every action totally contradict their words. It really doesn’t feel great, messes with… Read more

  • Confidence is Queen

    November 4, 2019 by

    It never ceases to amaze me just how much confidence plays a role in our daily lives. Have you ever noticed that the person who walks into a room with shoulders back & an air of confidence about them has people stopping & taking note? People give them the opportunity to have their say….it may… Read more

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